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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS 7th draft available

> I changed the wording to "splice the results into the current context"
> and removed the reference to `begin`.  The intention is that they
> will work anywhere.

OK, but if I understand you correctly, this changes the behavior. For example, if "foo" contains "1 2", then 

(+ (include "foo"))

is (+ (begin 1 2)) with the original behavior and (+ 1 2) with the splicing behavior. Similarly, in a library, with the original behavior the file should contain a series of <command or definition> (which will be wrapped in a begin to form a library declaration), whereas with splicing the file should contain a series of <library declarations>.

> I've removed references to "top level" in favor of "global" (for environments)
> or "outermost" (for syntax).

I think it would be helpful to define "outermost" by reference to the syntax in §7.1.


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