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Re: [Scheme-reports] REPL

Hi Marc,

Reading old threads...

On Wed 14 Nov 2012 22:45, Marc Feeley <feeley@x> writes:

>>> Let me say that I find it contrary to the spririt of Scheme to prevent redefinition and assignment of exported variables.

I love redefinitions, but I don't think invoking the "spirit of Scheme"
regarding `set!' is useful, especially in the light of Steele and
Sussman's remarks in "The First Report on Scheme Revisited",

    In retrospect, we can also see that some aspects of the initial
    design of Scheme were flat-out wrong ... [We] believe that Carl
    Hewitt was right: we would have been better off to have introduced
    cells as a separate, primitive kind of object, rather than allowing
    assignment to any and every λ-bound variable.



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