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Re: [Scheme-reports] *TELUS Detected Spam*Re: [r6rs-discuss] returning back to pattern matching

On 2010-12-23, at 19:37, John Cowan wrote, quoting me:

>> When I review the WG1 draft, one of my test cases will be `can I
>> write a portable WG1 Scheme program to play blackjack, without needing
>> peculiar circumlocutions'.
> There surely won't be an appropriate GUI, since neither WG1 nor WG2 is
> opening that can of long, intricate, wriggling worms.  It's not clear
> whether WG1 will provide a random number source, or whether you'll have
> to roll your own.  Otherwise I don't see a big problem.

I would be pretty strongly against including any GUI support in Scheme, even if there were anyone to propose it. The kind of projects I envision use a terminal interface, the kind of thing you'd find in a CS1 class sometime in 1975. 

I want to try to identify a WG1 configuration of things you'd need for an introductory programming course. That may not match the most minimal Scheme system, the one with only integers and very few builtins (hey, I remember using PDP-8 Lisp), but it's a useful base for people who want to learn Scheme. That's one of the (but not the only) goal(s) of WG1. 

-- vincent
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