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[Scheme-reports] R7RS ratification vote

Full name: David Preston Kendal

Location: United Kingdom

Vote: yes, conditional upon the reversion of procedure-equivalence to R5RS semantics

Contact details: <r7rs@x>

Statement of interest:

I've been a Lisp programmer since 2010. Scheme remains to my mind the most elegant and versatile dialect of Lisp (It is my "go-to" when I want to prototype an idea in a Lisp-y language), by virtue of its minimalism -- but this minimalism also weakens the language as a tool for serious software development. My hope for R7RS is that it will retain the simplicity of classical Scheme (Small) while becoming a practical language for real development work that is portable across implementations. (Large)


R7RS Small is a nice improvement over R5RS, not too bulky and a good starting place for work on the Large language. I approve.

— dpk.
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