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[Scheme-reports] R7RS ratification vote

Full name: Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva

Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Vote: YES

Statement of interest:

I have discovered Scheme about eight years ago. It changed profoundly
the way I write and think about software in a general way. It opened
intellectual doors for the best computer science books I have ever read
used Scheme as working language. Since then I have written software
for myself and sold software written in Scheme. I was the first person
to release an iOS app written mostly in Scheme. I have also my share
of unfinished Scheme interpreters, compilers and virtual machines.


The R7RS report is a very good continuation to R5RS, while absorbing
some good ideas from R6RS along the way. It defines an elegant, useful
and expressive language, with special mention to bytevectors, string
ports, libraries and strutured user-defined types. I believe this is
what the Scheme community wanted most to move forward. It will allow
for better code sharing and community cohesion than ever before.

Scheme deserves more recognition outside of its current community. But
for that to become a reality, the Scheme community must create
applications, tools and libraries that showcase the power of
Scheme. Currently, languages that IMHO are less expressive and less
elegant get the most attention because of "killer applications" that
are actually the combined work of several individuals of those
communities. United, we can do better.


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