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[Scheme-reports] R7RS ratification vote

Full name: Seth Alves

Location: California

Affiliation: None.

Contact details: alves@x, seth.alves@x

Statement of interest:

I use a variety of Schemes professionally and for hobby programming.
I like Scheme's simple syntax and how easily code transformations can
be accomplished, but I'm most impressed by its portability.  Code
written on a PC can be made to run on ARM microcontrollers, as
javascript in browsers, etc.  That said, making a program of any
substance portable can be very challenging.  My hope is that
R7RS-small will make writing portable code easier and that libraries
which work in multiple implementations will become more common.

Vote: Yes.


R6RS defined a larger language than R5RS (which should improve code
portability), but was also more difficult to implement fully.  I like
R7's approach of splitting the language into "small" and "large".  I
also think that iteration of the standard is important, even if we
risk making parts of the language less good -- improvement is
impossible without changes.

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