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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS large process discussion WAS Re: final draft of the R7RS small language

Grant Rettke scripsit:

> Is the flavor of SRFI, where it fits into WG2, more a codification of
> what all distributions are doing, or, more like, things that make
> sense?

Could be either.

> It really won't be for new functionality looking to get adopted at
> least as far as WG2 is concerned right?

Well, not ground-breaking research.  But if something is available in a
programming language used for "the practical needs of mainstream software
development", then it's certainly at least a candidate for inclusion.

John Cowan  cowan@x   http://ccil.org/~cowan
"The exception proves the rule."  Dimbulbs think: "Your counterexample proves
my theory."  Latin students think "'Probat' means 'tests': the exception puts
the rule to the proof."  But legal historians know it means "Evidence for an
exception is evidence of the existence of a rule in cases not excepted from."

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