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[Scheme-reports] [alexander.shendi@x: R7RS ballot]

Forwarded by request.
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Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 22:28:47 +0200 (CEST)
From: alexander.shendi@x
To: cowan@x
Subject: R7RS ballot

Hi John,

I'm writing to you as one of the R7RS-small comittee members. I would like to vote and was wondering if
you could be so kind as to post the attached ballot to the scheme-reports mailing list. Please Cc: me.

Many Thanks in advance and Best Regards,



Full name (required): Alexander Shendi

Location (optional): Asperg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Affiliation (optional): none

Contact details (optional): Alexander.Shendi@x

Statement of interest (not required if you registered for the
R6RS ratification or the 2009 Steering Committee election):

I have been a Scheme programmer since the early 1990s.
I use Scheme for my personal projects and have a strong 
intrest in Lisp-like programming languages. I have alway been
impressed by the elegance and feature-minimalism of 
Scheme. I would like to keep as much of that as possible,
while using Scheme for real-world problems.

I like to think this gives me an interest in the further
development of Scheme.

In my opinion R6RS is a step in the wrong direction. I did not
vote in the R6RS election and later regretted it. So I want to
participate this time.

Vote (required): YES

Rationale (optional): 

I think R7RS-small, 9th draft is a worthy successor to R5RS even 
though it is a bit longer :) Seriously, I think that this draft
statisfies the requirement of the charter.

This ballot is a variant of the registration and ballot forms
used for the R6RS ratification process and for the Steering
Committee election. Both registration and voting are combined
into a single form. Note that the entire contents of the ballot
will be published.


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