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[Scheme-reports] Ratification vote for R7RS-small

Full name: Steven Ganz

Location: Emerald Hills, CA

Affiliation: Genetius, Inc.

Statement of interest:
Since my first exposure to Scheme, I have found it to be a simple, consistent, and powerful language. When I began to apply my background in programming languages to improving software development processes, Scheme was the natural choice of language to use. But Scheme does have its disadvantages: most notably the scarcity of portable library code, including libraries implementing language features that are taken for granted in most modern programming languages. If Scheme is to make it beyond research projects and education in a substantial way, this must change. But I hope that what I love most about the language does not change. I believe these ends are compatible and as a member of WG1, I hope I have influenced the result toward achieving them.

Vote: yes Rationale:
For better or worse (perhaps some of each), my goals were not the same as others on the WG1 committee, so the final result is understandably rather different (and in particular more conservative) than I would have preferred. But I do feel that R7RS is an improvement and hope that it can be improved further in the future. I also know how much care went into specifying and describing these improvements.
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