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[Scheme-reports] Ratification vote for R7RS Small

Full name (required): Vincent Stewart Manis
Location (optional): Vancouver, BC
Affiliation (optional): None
Contact details (optional):vmanis@x

Statement of interest: I first learned Lisp from a course taught by Rusty Bobrow (Daniel's brother)	back in 1971, and have been using it more or less most of the time since. I've been using Scheme since 1987 (anyone remember TI Scheme?), and am the co-author of an introductory CS text that uses Scheme, _The Schematics of Computation_.

Vote (required): Conditional yes, assuming the procedural equivalence issue is attended to.

Rationale (optional): R7RS Small represents a necessary, but by no means sufficient, step in the development of Scheme. I commend the WG for this achievement. With its adoption, we will have tied up most of the loose ends in the language core. The big challenge remaining is to determine what kind of developments in Scheme are necessary to build 21st-century software, in which an application might contain pieces running on Raspberry Pi, mobile devices, desktops (with multicore CPUs and GPUs), and distributed back-end servers using communication a la Erlang. R7RS Large is likely to be a necessary, but by no means sufficient, step in that direction.  There is a long road ahead. I hope we can meet this challenge.

-- vincent

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