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Re: [Scheme-reports] REPL

Helmut Eller scripsit:

> 1.) 'define-library is not exported by any standard library.  

That's deliberate too.  We want to make it easy to layer define-library
over any reasonable module/library system.  Some systems support entering
libraries at the REPL, but many do not.  As I noted before, we don't
want to re-create the situations that made it hard for implementers to
provide R6RS on top of their existing systems.  (Chez and Racket provide
it side-by-side instead.)

> So how are we going to make (example life) available?  The only way I
> know is to exit from Chibi Scheme, create a directory example/, move
> life.scm to example/life.sld, restart Chibi with extra command line
> options:

That's true, but it's the system Chibi chooses to deploy, because Alex
believes it's the most appropriate for Chibi's use cases (other than being
an example implementation of R7RS).  By allowing the connection between
libraries and REPLs to be implementation-specified, we allow for many
possibilities: libraries in the file system, libraries in a SQLite or
similar database, libraries statically linked into the implementation,
libraries in a .so/.dll file, libraries loaded at the REPL, libraries
managed by a built-in IDE.

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