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Re: [Scheme-reports] "It is an error" is misleading

Noah Lavine scripsit:

> This may be obvious to you, but the objection here is that the phrase "is
> an error" is confusing in R7RS-small because it also has an error
> procedure. This confusion did not exist in R5RS and previous standards. Of
> course if someone is confused, the WG can always point the difference out -
> but I think that the goal in writing a standard is to be so clear that you
> don't need to answer questions like this. So if there is a phrase that is a
> potential source of confusion for experienced Schemers, then it would be
> best to change that phrase, even though that change has no effect on the
> meaning of the standard.

Rather than changing the phrase, which is pervasive, I have made two

1) I have clarified that `error-object?` does not necessarily answer #t
to objects raised when signaling an error.

2) I have rewritten the "is an error" section to read thus:

    If such wording does not appear in the discussion of an error,
    then implementations are not required to detect or report the
    error, though they are encouraged to do so.  Such a situation
    is sometimes, but not always, referred to with the phrase
    ``an error.''  In such a situation, an implementation may
    or may not signal an error; if it does signal an error, the
    object that is signaled may or may not satisfy the predicates
    {\cf error-object?}, {\cf file-error?}, or {\cf read-error?}.
    Alternatively, implementations may provide non-portable

    For example, it is an error for a procedure to be passed an
    argument of a type that the procedure is not explicitly specified
    to handle, even though such domain errors are seldom mentioned
    in this report.  Implementations may signal an error, extend
    a procedure's domain of definition to include such arguments,
    or fail catastrophically.

> The WG has worked very hard, and I appreciate it. I hope it will take these
> comments as constructive criticism, meant only to make R7RS-small even
> better.

We are attempting to do so.

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