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[Scheme-reports] R7RS 1st draft, initial environment and related notions

I'm concerned with finding certain information in the report. (I meant
to ask about exact-integer-sqrt in base and call-with-values not in
base, but I have just seen that there is already a ticket. The other
questions came up when looking for the answer in the draft report

What exactly is the initial environment (1.3.1. Base and optional
features; 4.1.3 Procedure calls, beginning of section 6. Standard
procedures) and what are the optional and required bindings
(6.6. Eval: scheme-report-environment)?

Is the "initial environment" just the base module? That would match
the restriction that all procedures there are single valued, noting
the ticket about exact-integer-sqrt.

Also, the module examples in 5.5.2 import (scheme), and I saw (scheme)
mentioned in the discussion archives or the wiki. This module does not
seem to be defined anywhere in the draft.

The index entry for "initial environment" points to page 22, when it
seems like page 3 should be the informative place; "optional" and
"required" are not indexed; "top level environment" is indexed. There
seem to be several sets of overlapping insufficiently defined terms.

Very minor other edits related to multiple values:

Division operators has (operator/) ==> ( values nq nr), with that
extra space, but should have just (operator/) ==> nq nr.

Appendix A, Multiple Values Module: call-with-value should be

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