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Re: [Scheme-reports] [scheme-reports-wg2] Closing SRFI-112 and voting on it for R7RS-large

On 15 Sep 2013, at 22:44, Faré <fahree@x> wrote:

> Also, some standardization is often useful in the specific values to
> be returned, e.g. "Linux" vs "linux", or "i386" vs "x86" vs "i686" vs
> "pentium", or "arm" vs "ARM" vs "armv5te" vs whatever. I'm not saying
> things should necessarily be specified in detail in the standard
> (especially since they change), but the standard may explicitly
> recommend that values be returned in accordance to some other
> documents, websites, standard bodies, etc.

In practice they should be fairly standard, based on what the uname function (or equivalent) returns.

> Finally, I was expecting the equivalent of getenv to be provided,
> maybe setenv too, on operating systems that have it (i.e. everyone
> that matters today), returning trivial #f on other systems.

That functionality will be included in another part of R7RS; this module is about finding out things like whether a system is likely to support getenv, etc.

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