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Re: [Scheme-reports] [scheme-reports-wg2] Re: Reformulated numeric-tower ballot

John Cowan <cowan@x>:
>> Why is it not on R7RS.org?
> Complain to Christian Stigen Larsen.  

That's not mine, but registered by Olin Shivers.

I registered r7rs.com for the sole purpose of not having to remember
the right location of r7rs-final (and, hopefully, to make it more googlable).

> If you want to know why it isn't on scheme-reports.org, complain to
> the Steering Committee (viz. Clinger, Feeley, Hanson, Rees, Shivers),
> and the best of luck to you -- I hope you can get them to act.

I emailed Jonathan Rees about this, and he forwarded it to Will (who does
the updates).

The site was actually updated some time ago. Scroll to the bottom, and
there is a link to r7rs-final + the errata. These are also on the wg1 subpage.

Christian Stigen Larsen
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