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Re: [Scheme-reports] read-error? and file-error? should be part of their respective packages.

Arthur Smyles scripsit:

> Both read-error? and file-error? are currently part of (scheme
> base). Since both the read procedure and file procedures are in
> separate libraries and are optional, it does not make sense to make
> these 2 procedures required. I propose that read-error? be part of the
> (scheme read) library, and that file-error? be part of the (scheme
> file) library.

That is an *excellent* idea, and I only wish we had thought of it.
Unfortunately, I have to say that it just comes too late in the process.

Fortunately, implementations that don't have the read and file libraries
can easily use these stubs:

(define (read-error? x) #f)
(define (file-error? x) #f)

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