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Re: [Scheme-reports] More NaN and Infsanity

Jussi Piitulainen scripsit:

> The construction of the Stern-Brocot tree that I've seen (related to
> the notion of the simplest rational in an interval) starts with two
> extreme "values", 0/1 and 1/0. All positive rationals are built
> between these. The pretense is that 1/0 is the simplest rational
> representation of "infinity". So it may make sense to return +inf.0.

Except that +inf.0 is not rational, so it can't be returned.

> (Does the spec really say "rational but not real"?)

No, the converse:  +inf.0, -inf.0, and +nan.0 are real but not rational.
R6RS says the same.

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