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Re: [Scheme-reports] Padding/placeholders (hashes) in numerical syntax

John Cowan scripsit:

> > One final question: Why was the +nan.0 syntax copied from R6RS but not
> > the -nan.0 syntax?  I think it makes sense to allow -nan.0 as well.
> It was an oversight.  Ticket filed.

Racket, Gauche, Chicken, Guile, Chez, Ikarus, Larceny, Ypsilon, STklos all
support nan.0 and +nan.0 as equivalent forms. MIT, Bigloo, Scheme48/scsh,
SISC, SCM, Scheme 9 don't support either form. Only Gambit and Chibi
support +nan.0 but not -nan.0.

STklos prints both +nan.0 and -nan.0 as -nan.0.

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