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[Scheme-reports] Formal Comment: add write-string to (scheme base)

Formal Comment

Submitter's Name: Arthur Smyles
Submitter's Email Address: atsmyles at verizon.net
Draft Version of Report: 6th
Section of draft R7RS: 6.13.3. Output


Add write-string procedure to (scheme base)

Full Description:

For binary-ports there are the procedures write-u8 and write-bytevector. However, for textual ports there is only write-char. This proposal requests the addition of write-string. It may be argued that display already provides this, however it is in a library that is optional. Strings written with write-string are not enclosed in double quotes, and no characters are escaped within those strings. Change display procedure for strings to say that they are written as if written by write-string.

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