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Re: [Scheme-reports] Ratification vote for R7RS-small

Arthur Smyles scripsit:

> Full name: Arthur Smyles
> Location: New York, New York, USA
> Vote: Yes
> Rationale: The process of creating the standard was true to the
> charter. It was performed in a transparent manner. My only criticism
> was that new api were added by the working group during the public
> review period without adequate ability for the public to review. I
> would like to thank the Working Group for the hard, detailed work
> that was done to make this standard a reality.

Please add a statement of interest, or we can't consider this vote.

I am expressing my opinion.  When my            John Cowan
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he will express his opinion.  This is           http://www.ccil.org/~cowan
the process which we call Debate.                   --Winston Churchill

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