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[Scheme-reports] [tara@x: Vote for R7RS-Small]

Forwarded by request.

----- Forwarded message from Tara Lorenz <tara@x> -----

Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 00:53:52 +0200
From: Tara Lorenz <tara@x>
To: scheme-reports@x
Cc: cowan@x
Subject: Vote for R7RS-Small

Full name (required): Tara Lorenz

Location (optional): Berlin, Germany

Statement of interest: I am using scheme since 1998, for more
than 10 years i use scheme as the primary programming language for
all my privately developed programs - neglecting a short period where CL
usage was higher.  In the past i even employed scheme as primary
language for my day job - using the Chicken scheme compiler.  Most
programs were related to image processing, though none of them were
publicly released.

Vote (required): yes

Rationale (optional): It is good.  No too experimental stuff creeped in
and scheme's sprit kept alive, i think.  I have some objections regarding
interactive and dynamic aspects, though .  But then i didn't bring them
to the attention of the WG1 during the last years, so i will remain
silent now :-)

I want to thank the WG1 members for their hard, enduring and good work:
Thank you!

Cheers, Tara

P.S.: John, in case the mail doesn't make it to the list, would you
be so kind to forward it? In case it came through: sorry for the
noise. Thank you! 

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