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[Scheme-reports] r7rs small ratification vote

Full name (required): Felix S. Klock II

Location (optional): Paris, France

Affiliation (optional): Mozilla.

Contact details (optional): pnkfelix@x

Statement of interest (not required if you registered for the
R6RS ratification or the 2009 Steering Committee election):

  See: http://www.r6rs.org/steering-committee/election/electorate.html#X44

Vote (required): yes

Rationale (optional): Ibelow)

The product satisfies the requirements set forth by the charter (at
least to my satisfaction).  I may not agree with all of the details of
the product itself (some such details may be direct consequences of the
charter), but r7rs appears to be a significant improvement over r5rs.

(I make no comparative statements here involving r6rs; other members
of the electorate are covering that terrain better than I could.)

Overall I am hopeful that this report will have much adoption amongst
new and/or popular implementations of Scheme, and thus further
increase portability overall.  Let's keep this shark moving
(preferably forward)!


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