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[Scheme-reports] Vote for R7RS-Small

Full name (required): Stephen Lewis

Location (optional): California

Affiliation (optional): Retired

Contact details (optional):

Statement of interest (not required if you registered for the
R6RS ratification or the 2009 Steering Committee election):
I have studied computer languages since the 80's and learned 'lisp'
in 1982. I have been using Scheme for personal use programming since
late 90's and liked R5RS because it markedly improved portability.
I have participated in contributing bugfixes to several implementations
on multiple platforms including PowerPC and Alpha.
I have several implementations of Scheme running on 32-bit, 64-bit
big- and little-endian systems and will continue to test and send in
patches to help improve the portability of implementations.

Vote (required): "yes"

Rationale (optional): 
I disliked R6RS because so few people implemented it that it did not
improve portability so I stayed with R5RS.
I have high hopes for R7RS-small because so many
implementers have voiced their support that I think it will make
a big improvement over R5RS and hopefully R7RS-large can be a
further improvement also if it is widely implemented.


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