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Re: [Scheme-reports] Current tickets for the 5th ballot

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:

> I'm not sure that I disagree, however, it should be noted that Chez Scheme
> also allows this behavior, and the COMPILE procedure in Chez Scheme allows
> this behavior. In particular, when running Chez Scheme, all expressions in
> EVAL are compiled before they are evaluated by default.

That it can be done doesn't mean that it should be required.  I seem to remember 
Chez being image-based, which makes the problems of procedure serialization less 
of a problem than it might be for otehr compilers. 
In any case, it imposes an extra burden on compilers, may cause a debugging 
nightmare, and, as I argued in another note, seems the wrong thing to do since 
it confuses levels and doesn't play well with modules.

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