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Re: [Scheme-reports] REPL

Per Bothner scripsit:

> * Kawa has a define-variable form which is used to explicitly mark
> dynamic variables.  I.e. these force dynamic run-time lookup, without
> inlining.  This is also a convenient way to turn off compile-time
> undefined-variable warnings/errors, for compilers that offer that.

It isn't clear to me whether define-variable implies dynamic binding, like
CL defvar (to which it is compared), or mere mutability in all contexts.

> * A mechanism to define "properties": Associate a variable with a pair
> of a getter and a setter function.  This allows generate read or write
> hooks (useful for debugging and many other purposes).  One might allow
> exporting of a getter/setter pair, which can be used as a variable.

I rather like SRFI 17, and I don't know why I never proposed adding
it to R7RS-small.  I have added it to RevoteDocket, which is the input
hopper for R7RS-large.

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