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Re: [Scheme-reports] Formal Objection: Memoization is not possible in portable R7RS

John Cowan <cowan@x> writes:

> Mark H Weaver scripsit:
>> Summary: Memoization is not possible in portable R7RS.
> Formal Comment #477 filed.  I have also pulled out just the definition
> and put it at InexactEqvWeaver.  This issue is being considered by the
> WG on an expedited basis.  If we can get a resolution, we can issue the
> 8th draft.

Thank you for filing this, but I feel compelled to correct your use of
the term /Formal Comment/.  This is not a /Formal Comment/, but rather a
/Formal Objection/.  They are handled differently by the WG1 charter,
and therefore must be labeled accordingly in your transition request.

In the "Endorsement Process" section, the charter states:


   If formal objections remain at this time, the Steering Committee may
   choose to put the question of whether some or all work products
   satisfy charter requirements to a representative electorate. If the
   Steering Committee puts the question to an electorate, and concludes
   that less than 85% of the electorate consider the work products to
   meet the charter requirements, then the work products will not be

   If the Steering Committee believes that support could be increased by
   revising work products in response to specific objections, then it
   may request another draft/review cycle of the working group.

Thanks again,


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