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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS 1st draft, initial environment and related notions

Alex Shinn writes:

> Hi, thanks for your comments.

Thanks for taking them into account. I will be sending more. I've been
reading these reports since R3RS.

By the way, the References section still says that Clinger's proper
tail recursion paper, [10], is _to appear_ ... in 1998.

Is the etiquette such that one replies to the sender and cc's the
list? I'm doing a follow-up in Gnus. I hope this keeps the archive
properly threaded.

> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 5:32 PM, Jussi Piitulainen
> <jpiitula@x> wrote:
> > What exactly is the initial environment (1.3.1. Base and optional
> > features; 4.1.3 Procedure calls, beginning of section 6. Standard
> > procedures) and what are the optional and required bindings
> > (6.6. Eval: scheme-report-environment)?
> The intention was the base script environment was empty,
> scheme-report-environment was (scheme base), and repls
> were an implementation-defined superset thereof.  I've
> opened a new ticket for this.

Thanks. I'm not sure what a script environment is. Clarify that in the
report, too, unless it is something for the large language.

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