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[Scheme-reports] 6.10 Control Structures

I know it's been up for a vote, but I think the WG went past
"consistency" to "foolish consistency" as regards string-map,
string-for-each, etc.  They seem singularly useless to me.  It would be
better to leave them out and promote some more general
iteration/collection facility.  (Is string-map a control feature anyway?

I very much prefer the R6RS `map' to the SRFI-1 `map' as regards
multiple lists.

Including call/cc is understandable given the low penetration of
delimited continuations among implementations, but it is still a real
shame.  Delimited continuations are much, much, much better.  À la
"Hewitt was right", Oleg was right.  Call/cc was cool but ultimately a
wart, not something we should toot our horn about (i.e. "can be used to
create all control structures" -- yes, but can you compose them?).

The discussion of dynamic extents in dynamic-wind should somehow be
related to the previous discussion in parameterize.  Ideally the term
should be defined only once.


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