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Re: [Scheme-reports] fresh empty strings

On Sat 21 Jan 2012 07:55, "Arthur A. Gleckler" <scheme@x> writes:

>     Every empty list is eq? to every other, for there is only one empty list.
> Yes, of course.  But I'm wondering where we said anything about the other types.

In R5RS 6.3.5:

   -- library procedure: string char ...,
       Returns a newly allocated string composed of the arguments.

"Newly allocated", section 3.4, Storage Model:

    Whenever this report speaks of storage being allocated for a
    variable or object, what is meant is that an appropriate number of
    locations are chosen from the set of locations that are not in use,
    and the chosen locations are marked to indicate that they are now in
    use before the variable or object is made to denote them.

Seems to imply that (eq? (string) (string)) => #f.


 -- library procedure: list OBJ ...,
     Returns a newly allocated list of its arguments.

What does it mean to have a newly allocated list of zero elements?

Anyway, this is a total nit-pick, but I thought you might be amused.


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