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Forwarded by request.

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Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 11:26:35 +0200
From: _1126 <mail@x>
To: cowan@x
Subject: R7RS-small ratification vote

Dear John,

since I am not subscribed to the list, I'd like to take the way Moritz
already took and ask you to please forward this vote to the list :)

Thanks in advance,

Full Name: Christian Lask

Location: Cologne, Germany

Affiliation: None relevant

Contact details: mail@x

Statement of interest: I'm still quite a newbie when it comes to program
in Scheme, but I quite like it so far. I've done all my personal
programming in the last months in Chicken Scheme and are about to start
using it at work, too.

Vote: Yes

Rationale: I voted yes, because I think that R7RS-small can be a rather
worthy successor of R5RS. I follow Christian Kellermann here, who wrote
in his rationale that "R7RS is an *improvement* over the current state
of affairs. While it is a step backwards from R6RS in terms of power of
the language it is a step forward for people working with different
implementations." And since I am already quoting, let me quote Peter
Bex, too, who says it better than I ever could, when he argues that the
draft "managed to pick just those few things from R6RS which seem to be
really neccessary for code sharing, and distilled it down into a more
minimal specification worthy of bearing the name 'Scheme'."

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