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[Scheme-reports] R7RS WG1 ratification vote: Christian Kellermann

Full Name: Christian Kellermann

Location: Nuremberg, Germany

Affiliation: none

Contact details: ckeen@x

Statement of interest:

I have been introduced to scheme during my first semester at
university with a course that follows the the famous SICP curriculum.
Since then I have been comming back to scheme on and off. For almost
10 years scheme has been my programming language of choice for
private and professional software development.  On several occasions
I take the liberty to advocate functional programming as means to
ease SW development and to debunk common myths about it. I am an
active contributor to the free software community, in the last years
CHICKEN especially.

Vote: yes


While there are lots of discussions to be had whether the goals of
the working group was right, this vote is about whether the people
in that group have fullfilled their mandate. I had hoped for more
"progressive" / new ideas in this document but the narrow mandate
did not allow this it seems. Nonetheless I do think that R7RS is
an *improvement* over the current state of affairs. While it is a
step backwards from R6RS in terms of power of the language it is a
step forward for people working with different implementations.
CHICKEN scheme will support R7RS precisely for this reason.

Finally I have to say many thanks to members of the working group
for all their effort, discussions and time they have put into this.
I don't fully agree on all decisions but it has been the group's
job to make those and they did well.

Kind regards,


In the world, there is nothing more submissive and weak than
water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong, nothing can
surpass it. --- Lao Tzu

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