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[Scheme-reports] libraries


Right now, it is not possible to have a library which works in both R6RS 
and R7RS. If the 'define-library' keyword was changed to 'library' then 
some libraries would work in both R6RS and R7RS.

Using a distinct keyword makes portability of libraries between R6RS and 
R7RS impossible. I believe that normal error detection on R6RS systems 
should detect R7RS libraries (outside the common subset) as an error. 
And vice versa for R7RS systems. It seems like it would be reasonably 
easy for a system to decide that the error is likely caused by an 
incompatible library. And for systems that want to support both R6RS and 
R7RS, it seems like attempting to load the library first as R7RS and if 
that doesn't work then as R6RS would do the trick.

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