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Re: [Scheme-reports] [r6rs-discuss] Scheme pattern matching & R*RS

>> > If we did this, we should also allow GREEK SMALL LETTER LAMBDA.  In fact,
>> > it would be preferable, I think, as it has a standard HTML escape: λ
> In my Emacs v23 (Ubuntu Linux), this letter resolved to "l" (as did the
> *LAMDA version), not something like 𝝺 .

How did you try to input it?
In my emacs (23 on FreeBSD), "C-8 <enter> 03bb" did insert the GREEK
In vim, "C-K l *" and "C-V U 03bb" both input the lambda properly.
It looks like "λ".

However, I do not know how easy it is to input on other systems.
If the greek letter was to replace the ASCII letters combination
"lambda", it would make teaching Scheme to freshmen problematic, as
many of them use notepad or some similar unsuited tool for typing
code, on some operating system that does not care about X.org. I doubt
it's easy to input a greek lambda in most cases.

Though not as cool, maybe there should be a possibility to have reader
macros or something like that, to allow an alternative input of these
I think that haskell's "\" for lambda is, well, not that bad a way
around the problem.
I also think that APL should not be our ultimate objective.



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