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Re: [r6rs-discuss] [Scheme-reports] Scheme pattern matching: the case for (case)

10 minutes ago, John Cowan wrote:
> Eli Barzilay scripsit:
> > That distinction forces the above to work, but that's little
> > comfort for any piece of code that I write, since that disguised
> > assignment can break my code completely (unless I invent my own
> > module system, and avoid relying on anything but the standard
> > core...).  A module system is a much better solution that keeps
> > things sane without resorting to such special cases.
> R6RS provided a module system

Still does.

> at the expense of not providing semantics for a REPL.  R7RS,
> however, is mandated to have both.
> In practice, a REPL semantics can't be made perfectly consistent.
> [...]

There are some implementations that provide module systems and a
(deterministic) repl.  Whether formalizing something like that is
something you'd want, or something you'd want to spend effort on is a
different question, as well as which "that" you want "like" to relate

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