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[Scheme-reports] ANN: SRFI 155: Scheme Regular Expressions

SRFI 115 is a specification of Scheme Regular Expressions (SREs),
drawing from the original SCSH and from IrRegex, with a new
reference implementation in Chibi Scheme.


Anyone who is interested should join the SRFI 115 mailing list by
sending a message with "subscribe" as the subject to
srfi-115-request at srfi.schemers.org.

SRFI 115 provides one of the requirements of the R7RS-large
"ConsentDocket."  The draft period ends December 12th, though if
there's active discussion I'll extend this.  Once finalized, I'll
call for a vote of WG2 members as to whether this should be made
an optional part of R7RS-large.


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