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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS-small draft ratified by Steering Committee


Is this means that we are no longer allowed to write and support
someting like:

(define (1+x x) (+ 1 x))



On 07/11/14,John Cowan wrote:

> ceving scripsit:
> > The new standard seems to ban Guile's 1+ operator. It must be
> > quoted in R7RS |1+|.
> True.  Then again, it wasn't valid R5RS either, or R4RS or even R3RS;
> R2RS was the only Scheme standard to explicitly allow it, almost
> thirty years ago.
> The theory of R7RS identifiers is that they can't have a prefix which
> is a valid number.  In practice, many Schemes simply attempt to parse
> an alphanumeric sequence as a number, and if that fails, accept it as
> an identifier.

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