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[Scheme-reports] Ratification vote for R7RS-small

Full name: Yuki OKUMURA
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Contact details: mjt@x

Statement of interest:
I'm a member of a R6RS scheme implementation project(Mosh scheme).

I have used Mosh as my primary 'glue language' for several fields
since 2009, fields include: public media/installation art,
show controlling, embedded Linux/BSD systems, realtime communication
research and the video game industry.
Scheme is great choice for these area because it has S-exp; lean but
still strong data foundation,
various high quality implementations and powerful language features
that allows rapid-development.

Community's standard vocabulary is quite important to me both as a
implementer and as a user. As a implementer,
the standard should provide reasonable guideline to our extended
feature against the standard.
As a user, the standard should lower the barriers to try or adopt
various implementations.

Vote: Yes

It looks good to me. I still prefer R6RS for some items(simple library
syntax for example) but I believe proposed R7RS-small
successfully provided sufficient interoperability features for current
and future Scheme implementations.

-- oku

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