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[Scheme-reports] Hard to find the final R7RS-small PDF


I find it needlessly hard to find the _final_ PDF for R7RS-small on the web,
while the previous drafts are quite easy to find.

E.g., if you google for "r7rs" the top result is a link to
scheme-reports.org, which seem to offer no links to the final version.

Unless you have reasons not to, I would suggest we publicize the final
version by adding links both to the scheme-reports.org landing page and the
WG1 sub-page.

I believe the official link is


If you google for "r7rs final" it will indeed lead to that version (though,
a different URL), but it's via a post to this discussion group.

P.S.  I also have to admit I'm a bit confused about the status of the
report.  Is it a final _draft_ or indeed complete?  Or are you waiting for
an errata?

Best regards,

Christian Stigen Larsen

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