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Re: [Scheme-reports] Hard to find the final R7RS-small PDF

Christian Stigen Larsen scripsit:

> I find it needlessly hard to find the _final_ PDF for R7RS-small on the web,
> while the previous drafts are quite easy to find.
> E.g., if you google for "r7rs" the top result is a link to
> scheme-reports.org, which seem to offer no links to the final version.

Unfortunately, no one on WG1 has any control over that site.  The final
draft is available from the home page of the wiki, which we do control.
Scheme-reports.org belongs to the fainéant Steering Committee.

> P.S.  I also have to admit I'm a bit confused about the status of the
> report.  Is it a final _draft_ or indeed complete?  Or are you waiting for
> an errata?

It is final in the sense that we intend no
more changes.  As errors are found, they are added to
<http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/R7RSSmallErrata>.  When and if R7RS-small
sees journal publication or the like, those errata will be folded in.
We are also updating the repository trunk as we go.

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