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Re: [Scheme-reports] Is bytevector a token?

Yuichi Nishiwaki writes:

> I'm really wondering which of '#u8(' and <bytevector> is a token. As
> seeing the definition of <token> rule it reads '#u8(' is a token. On
> the other hand the rule <bytevector> is placed under section 7.1.1
> (Lexical structure), not under 7.1.2 (External representations). I
> think this is not related to the complexity of the lexer
> implementation.

I suppose, since a Scheme program has no access to <token>, you could
define <token> either way without changing <datum>. A program has
access to <datum> through (read).

But I think <bytevector> would then be the only <token> type that
could contain comments and other whitespace inside its text. Would it
also be the only <token> type that would depend on other <token> types
(the byte literals)? I believe the intent is to call '#u8(' <token>
and deal with <bytevector> in a higher level.

(I'm not looking at the actual report now.)

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