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Re: [Scheme-reports] working group 1 public resources

(Ripped off from Alex Shinn's posting)

This is to announce that working group 2 has convened and been working
at a low level for a little over a month now.  Our updated charter is
available at


and the mailing list is publicly viewable at


You can subscribe to the group freely, although posting is restricted
to working group members only.

In addition to the mailing list, we are organizing our efforts with Trac
(shared with WG1), accessible at


pending moving the domain name to scheme-reports.org.  This includes
tickets for our issues, discussions of issues, and proposals.  Because all
but two members of WG2 are also WG1 members, there is very little material
available at present.

If you want to comment on the process or make suggestions you should send
mail to this list (scheme-reports@x) which members of
the working group will be reading.

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