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Re: [Scheme-reports] Import declarations in programs

Sorry for being dense here, as I'm a bit out of touch, but which import
form are we talking about? I was under the impression that we cleared up
any questions of scoping and bindings for the import forms of libraries
and the like? I thought that with a library or other program, the import
forms were clearly static and outside of the scope of any environments
defined by those import forms? I thought that we made it explicit that
import forms and the like could appear in any order, as well.

I think this is the main point: the syntax for libraries permit to distinguish between the static library language (consisting of import, include, begin, cond-expand, etc.) and the Scheme language (what's contained inside the begins). The syntax for programs has no way of distinguishing between the two different levels after the first import declaration.

Therefore I think that more powerful import semantics for programs (including cond-expand, etc.) won't look too well until we have a second syntax for programs that mimics that for libraries. So for the way programs are currently written I see no advantage of more than one import declaration even for a future standard.

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