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[Scheme-reports] Ratification vote for R7RS-small

Full name: Christian Stigen Larsen
Location: Sandnes, Norway

Statement of interest:

I am the author of Mickey Scheme: An incomplete, slow and bug-ridden
interpreter written from scratch --- but mature enough to be usable.

Its current goals are to

  * provide a correct and complete implementation of R7RS-small
  * emphasize implementation simplicity and clarity, and
  * be a powerful platform for language experimentation.

During this process I have also contributed with trivial bug-reports and
suggestions on the mailing list.

My stake in the ratification process should therefore be clear.

Vote: Yes


I specifically chose to target R7RS-small because of its promise to be of
limited size. 

I think WG1 have succeeded in doing so.

The resulting document is clear, concise and offers a healthy amount of
implementation freedom.  

I also think it's powerful enough as a basis for R7RS-large.

Christian Stigen Larsen

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