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[Scheme-reports] Ratification vote for R7RS-small

Full Name: Sven Hartrumpf

Location: Duesseldorf

Affiliation: SEMPRIA GmbH

Statement of Interest: Supplied for R6RS vote.

Vote: Yes


The draft is a solid and thorough step forward from R5RS to make
Scheme more practical for industrial use and current programming
tasks. However, I cannot predict if WG2 will be able to define a
useful large language based on R7RS-small, but R7RS-small is
definitely an improvement over R5RS for these purposes.

In retrospect, R6RS was too drastic and incompatible with respect
to previous Scheme standards and hence left many important
implementations behind. So, I hope that R7RS (small plus large)
will unite the balkanized Scheme community a little more.

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