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[Scheme-reports] values

Hi everyone,

There are two things I miss when working with scheme, which are so buried in the language that it's nearly impossible to overcome, and I'd like to hear the oppinion of more seasoned schemers on it.

I'm going to talk only about the first one in this message. It has to do with multiple values returned as a result of a function. When I'm using such a function I have to use a form to bind the result to variables before beeing able to use them. I find the need for this additional contruct ugly and unnecessary.

The truth is most of the time I'm interested in one value, not all of them. In my oppinion Lisp is right when assuming that one of the values returned as result is more important than others, and does not raise an error when I use such a function in a context where only one result is expected.

Additionally, in the way scheme treats multiple values, there is little difference between returning a list with the values, and returning the values as such (using the (values ...) form). I could very well use the list, and would not need to have the (values ...) form built into the language.

Razvan Rotaru
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