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Re: [Scheme-reports] A couple more typos or ambiguities

Did these (potential) typographical issues ever get noted somewhere? I realise there are rather more meaty issues for people to apply their brains to. Most things seem to be getting an acknowledgement from somebody in the WG and whilst I'm not wanting to add extra work to John, Alaric or Aaron's pile, I'm wondering if this message fell through the cracks just after Alex went away.

If it's all under control, please unread this message and pretend it never happened.


On 26 April 2011 19:59, Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm.tredinnick@x> wrote:

On 26 April 2011 15:11, Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm.tredinnick@x> wrote:
Hi Alex,

A couple of possible typographical oversights that I don't think I've seen go past yet:

(1) letrec* is not mentioned in the _expression_ keyword production on page 49.

(2) Pages 6 and 49 both say that the vertical bar is reserved for future language extensions, but it's already being used (in comments and as an identifier delimiter). Am I misunderstanding the context in which it's reserved, or is that a remnant from older reports?

(3) Page 6 refers to the <interlexeme space> rule (when talking about #;). That is the R6RS term for what is <intertoken space> in this draft.

(4) The grammar in 7.1.1 allows || as an <identifier>. However, page 5 suggests the "|...|" form is only for convenience (e.g. |foo bar| is equivalent to foo\x20bar). There's no way to normalise || to anything without the vertical bars that's a valid identifier. Was that intentional, or should the rule be

<vertical bar> <symbol element>+ <vertical bar>

I forgot a couple (messy scratch notes on my end):

(5) The <datum> production in 7.1.2 (page 50) has a clause that is <label> <datum>. Shouldn't that be

<label> = <datum>

to provide the #0=... portion of reader labelling?

(6) At the end of 7.1.2, there's a missing line break before the <label> production. It's ended up on the same line as the <vector> production, making it difficult to spot.


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