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Re: [Scheme-reports] Cycle detection problems: #442, #338, "equal?"

Aaron W. Hsu scripsit:

> While I disagree with the proposals here for EQUAL?, I don't think 
> you are correct when you say that the above is a non-conformant 
> implementation of WRITE. 

I think you are correct: it is not non-conformant, merely (in my
view) suboptimal.  `Write` should not generate more labels than
necessary to handle loops, but if a loop is present, it *may* generate
structure-sharing labels.

> And this brings up the point about EQUAL? which is not meant to 
> compare pointer identities, but instead meant to check for some 
> level of structural equality, and where I think the R6RS description 
> of termination as stated in these lists seems reasonable enough.

I would still like someone to explain the term "regular trees".

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