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[Scheme-reports] "Language Changes"

Regarding "Other language changes since R5RS", there are a couple points
regarding syntax definitions being allowed anywhere.  The second one
(internal syntax definitions) is probably redundant.

I would change the "Incompatibilities with R6RS" to "Differences from
R6RS", and be a lot less snarky and defensive.  Simply state the
differences.  Phrases like "the WG considers extensibility to be
important" add nothing.  I wouldn't even try to justify things -- there
are so many points...

I would also remove the section on incompatibilities with the r6rs
standard libraries document.  It's out of scope, really -- there is no
need to mention syntax-case at all.

Dunno.  The section on R6RS needs some work, otherwise the document ends
on a half-finished, sour note to me.


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