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Re: [Scheme-reports] ratification vote for r7rs-small

gjs@x scripsit:

> The report seems good to me, but please note my very serious objection
> to the semantics of identity of procedures.  I hope that no system
> makes significant use of that unnecessary freedom.

Unfortunately, this is not a formal vote; indeed, it's not clear if it's
"yes" or "no".  I can say that I will be filing a formal objection with
the Steering Committee in the names of J. Cowan, G. Sussman, A. Shinn,
J. Boyle, A. Hsu, A. Gleckler, A. Snell-Pym, U. T. Cobley and all.
I should think that will be weighty enough to convince them to let us
change the draft after the plebiscite.

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