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Re: [Scheme-reports] Module Versioning

Roderic Morris scripsit:

> Has there been much discussion about this? I haven't found any on this
> list (mostly because the only interface to the archive I found is
> impossible to search), or much on the wiki. It seems absolutely
> essential to any language where code is shared at large. 

There is such a design in R6RS, but it had no prior art within Scheme
itself, and the WG believed it was overkill for small Scheme.  WG2 has
not yet decided whether it will reappear in the large language, and if
so, in what form.  It is also unclear whether the library is the correct
unit of versioning, or whether it is too fine-grained.

Grant Rettke scripsit:

> I think that what was once named Snow will be handing that duty?

More precisely: Alex's proposed package system (which is outside the
language itself), which has adopted the name "Snow" with Marc Feeley's

I have copied his proposal from the mailing list to
http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/Snow .

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